Summer Update! 

Summer Update!  Just Do It Softly

So, we are entering July!

What does that mean to our little neck of the woods?

It means that we took our vacation in mid-June and that Elizabeth has started to be quite vocal about how loud sounds “make me so nervous!”

This is unusual for her as we know she doesn’t like loud sounds; she has not ever been quite so reactive to situations where it is loud.  Circling back to the vacation, we went out to eat (outside) and it was LOUD. Not doubt about it.  But again, usually not an issue but this time it was.

She held it together during dinner I think because hunger outweighed anxious but as soon as dinner was done she was ready to go. And I mean ready, but the issue was that no one else was. So, she had to sit and wait for us to get done and it was during this waiting time that she showed just how anxious she was.  So very fidgety, pretending to take a drink and not drinking anything and looking for the waitress to bring us the check.

It took a lot of work on her part to be okay at that time.  And the funny thing is that once out of the restaurant and we were quiet again, she was fine and asked us if anyone wanted ice cream.

I know that Elizabeth does not do well in the dark and I know that she doesn’t like big stores like Home Depot as it is too cavernous and big.  But we really haven’t had issues with loud sounds.  But doesn’t this teach us that, like anyone, needs change.

After all we all have things, we like now that we didn’t like before and vice versa.  But the difference is that we can navigate them and sometimes for our special needs children, they simply cannot.

To help better understand these new changes, Elizabeth and I sat down to talk about how she is feeling with noises and what we can do to help her.

It was a good conversation and in it I learned that when we tease her, she doesn’t like the loud voices.  “She said to please understand that it all makes me nervous” She also asked us to sing softly for her birthday and that she might not want to sit outside and listen to the fireworks but “Maybe I will if I can wear earplugs”

That was pretty great to hear her speak up for herself and help us understand her needs better.  I will say that I hope that she will be less anxious as time goes by and we do the things she is asking.  Which also includes “your singing Mom, it is too loud sometimes” I let her have this one even though I disagree 😊

So far summer has taken a nice shape for Elizabeth regarding work and friends so I will take that good and we will adjust for the new changes.

I hope summer is treating everyone well.

I wish everyone a peaceful month.

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