Back-To-School Time Has Come…

So I want someone to help me understand just how this whole thing with it being the end of summer happened?

I clearly remember it was near to yesterday when I picked up Michael from his last day of school.

But apparently, it is our reality.

It is back-to-school time.

As I type this, I am sitting under a tree watching Michael work with his trainer for basketball and Elizabeth is sitting next to me listening to music.  She and I had finished our walk this morning and now we are here. And the air in Ohio has that little bit of Fall in it.  It is hard to explain but it is something in the breeze and look of the sun that signals fall is just right over there!

Michael and I recently looked at the calendar for his school year to find we are a mere 3 weeks away from day one and I already know that my friend has her son starting the second week of August.

So, now is the time for Michael and I to sit a bit and plan out what he needs for the new year, clothes, shoes, school supplies etc..

This whole getting into the back-to-school mode has me thinking about Elizabeth and what this marker of time means for her at the age she is, which is 24.

I know she isn’t starting a new school year and I know we don’t have to worry about updating her IEP but there is something in me that sees the start of a new school year as a NEW start period. For me almost right up there with New Year’s Day.

So with the sort of mindset, I started thinking about how Elizabeth’s schedule will change and grow.  If you remember my one blog from a while ago, she and I had worked on making new goals for her… HER GOALS! And they were fun to have and work on.

So now we need to do that again.

She and I were talking as we walked today, and I told her that very soon we need to plan her new goals for Fall as well as write down what we know she will be doing each week.  She agreed and so in a week or two we will sit down and organize things before the calendar flips to September.

So here is the good news.  Prior to COVID, Elizabeth had her internships that included her working at the Gymsters programs (a physical fitness program for preschool and schools for both neurotypical as well as special needs kids).

Then the pandemic hit and it all went away.

Then it is slowly returning.  And as it is doing this, Elizabeth was asked to return to her previous internship but as a JOB not internship.  So this means she will be working 2 days a week.

She is proud and so are we!

Hopefully the Delta variant will allow all the good stuff to continue, we will see and adjust as needed.

But her Fall is taking shape and we will look at the successes and struggles of summer and put together a plan of goals for her.

I guess if truth be told, I like this mindset I have and I like seeing the back-to-school time as a fresh start for all.  Now next week or so we are off to buy binders and shoes!

I wish everyone a peaceful month, stay safe and I guess it is time to say it again, please wear a mask.

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