Mixed Emotion With Sister Emily Moving!

We are all very aware of time passing.  Especially this year and last year.  Due in part to the pandemic.

Because we are often told the number of months “we have been in this thing” or how many months it has been since we have been able to do this or that.  Or when something new opens up and we are told how many months it has been since that particular thing opened up.

So probably like you, I can tell you what I was doing last year at this time.  I may not have been able to pinpoint that any other year quite as well as this one.

I can tell you that last year at this time, our state just started opening up again.  I thought at the time that we weren’t ready yet as our numbers were still high but, and I am sure we all know it, I am NOT the governor of the state so my opinion did not matter.

So Ohio opened up and felt our way around as numbers went up and down and sometimes I swear sideways. But here we are a full year later.

Which circles me back around to the fact that we are all aware time passing.

So that brings me to the thought that last year I was watching my daughter Emily attend   the virtual graduation of the medical school class one year ahead of her.  I can remember that at the time, I thought Wow, in one year that will be you.  One year seemed far away but now

It has been one year.

And Emily graduated.

And we are so very, very proud of her.

And so happy for her success and the new path she is taking.

And Elizabeth is also proud.

But now Emily must move for her residency.

And Elizabeth is filled with emotions.

Some of them so very strong.

And they fluctuate every day.

From happy for her sister to sad she is leaving to irritated because she can see the moving process taking shape and on and on…

I have to say though that I am right along there with Elizabeth in this wild ride of emotions.  So much so in fact that Elizabeth and I promised each other that I would help her and she would help me when our emotions got really high over anything.  And so far it has worked.

But we are still a good month out from the departure date of Emily, so I am sure that there will be many times where the emotions will be pretty strong.  I have to say though that I am very proud of the way Elizabeth can articulate how she feels because it was not always the case in her/our life together.  I credit this to the hard work she did years ago and the way I was guided by our beloved therapist, Mary, who has been at the helm for us for over 21 years.

I think sometimes we don’t know just what long term success we are building for our children when we do the little things each day.  But they do add up.  I mean my chat times with Elizabeth, little as they were sometimes, led to the next level of conversation and then higher level thinking was grown, little by little….. Did I think this would be the case?  I had prayed for it and Elizabeth certainly worked hard for it….but truthfully, it seemed so far away at times.  But I now rejoice when she yell/talks about how bad she feels or how anxious she feels!

I think what I want to say is to those who are in the literal thick of it with your child and don’t know if what you are doing will matter or change things…know it will!  And know that what you doing is life changing and matters a great deal!

So the current update is a good one for Elizabeth.  She is working on being an adult in her words and actions all the time, even when she wants to retreat….please add a smile here because how many of us would love to retreat at times these days?

She has a lot of things planned for summer and has recently made friends with 2 young women who will be her new companions this summer and moving forward.

Spring 2019 was insanely different from Spring 2020 and now Spring 2021 is here and looks nothing like last year.

I will let you know how things go next month.  So many adjustments to make and so many emotions await.

I will let you know how things are going next month.  I wish everyone a peaceful month.

Michele Gianetti

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Elizabeth Believes in Herself: The Special Journey Continues
Emily’s Sister

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