She wanted to be a__________?

I think she first said it when she was about 8.

Then again when she was 12

Again, when she was 14

Once more when she was 16

And then this year, when she was 23

What was it that she said?

That she wanted to be an artist.

A simple phrase that I heard her say, listened to and smiled at.   But all the while working with her and others on “team Elizabeth” to help her learn and grow in all the necessary areas of her life.

I thought that it was so nice to hear it but at age 8 she really needed to work on the clarity of her language.

I thought it was a fun thought but at age 12 middle school life skills took precedence.

I thought it was a nice hobby at age 16 when she won a medal in the school’s art show and smiled ear to ear.

But this year at age 23, it was different.  She didn’t tell me she wanted to be an artist.  Rather she told our beloved, forever with us, therapist, Mary that her goals for herself had changed.  That she wanted to read better, write better and be an artist.  Mary then told me.

COVID grated us the time to work on a plan for these goals.

COVID gave us the time to initiate these goals.

COVID slowed down her life so that the goal of being an artist could become number one.

After all the talking, planning and work,

I thought, Yes Elizabeth.  You will become the artist you always wanted to be.

In our house, I have used the stairwell leading to the basement as a place to staple years  worth of my children’s school papers, artwork and various other things that make your heart “ remember when”  It was just tonight that Michael, on a break from his homework, was reading the stairway wall and said “Hey mom, did you read this from Elizabeth?  She wrote this when she was 14 about her goal in life…it says All I want to be is an artist.

I had seen that on the wall about a million times, but did not remember those words found in the crease of the paper.

I am happy to say, the words she has said since she was so young are now the path we are on for her.

She is an artist.  We set up her Etsy account.  She picked the name BelieveDesignsEG

After the words we have always said to her.

Her art is amazing and fun!

Please visit her site and see what her heart told her to paint.

So proud and so much in love with this wonderful young adult….and artist.

I wish everyone a peaceful month.  Stay safe and please wear a mask.

Michele Gianetti

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