A New School Year

Welcome to a new school year.

But what form will the school year take?  No one knows for certain. Even those who have opted for remote learning know only that their children will NOT be in a classroom.  They do not know how the remote learning will go or how their children will do learning this way…again.

For us?

Michael is headed to the school.  For reasons related to issues with the online option for our school system.  We will see how it goes.  They have a restart plan but again….

Emily is doing her final year of medical school.  Masked up, gowned up and she is headed back.  But who knows…


Well as I mentioned in the blog last month, she is focusing on her goals.  The ones she made with Mary.

We went ahead and made folders for each of her goals so we would have the visual reminder.  The is important to both her and I. And we then put them on the kitchen table, which we have for the time being made into our “Hub”  I think it is because she sees the things there and we put her daily and weekly schedule there.

The thing is this time off with Elizabeth will be the FIRST time I have ever had off with her during a time when she should be in school/college but is not.  And it will be the FIRST time we have had together when we are sort of test driving what life will be like for her and the family once her college program is done and before she gets a job.  (Truth be told, the area of childcare, that she is interested in will look a lot different due to COVID.  So we will navigate that issue when the time comes.) And the FIRST time we will be together when she is as organized, adult like and motivated as she is currently.

WE are firming up the plans for her time at home. And I think it is coming along nicely.

She is excited too and I am really enjoying being with her.  She has become such a friend to me and such a calming influence to the house.  YES, you read that right.  The child with the highest anxiety possible due to her sensory processing disorder (SPD)  as a baby and young child is now the one to gently remind us of the sun set, to check in on emotions and to really enjoy the little things in life.

But back to the question…


Well, here is her schedule.

Music therapy virtual- twice a week.

Exercise therapy in person- twice a week.

Yoga class virtual -once a week.

Online typing class -once a week

Cooking dinner- every Monday

Time working on her goals in her folders -daily

Her ETSY account- for her artwork we will check on daily

Her walks and workouts- every other day

Her work at the catering shop-once a week.

Connecting with friends virtual-daily ( by text, email, call or video call)

We will be making the official schedule as soon as we get one last piece of information from her music therapist.

I think the schedule sounds fun. It has educational and functional goals.  I know I am happy to know she is excited as she does know she is the only one not returning to college and her program there.  I have been concerned she will feel left behind but she assures me she is happy with how things look but does say she will miss her friends ( that is the connect piece from above)

So here we all go.

Welcome to a new school year.

I wish everyone as calm of a start as is possible! And I hope that everyone can stay safe!

Please wear a mask!  I do for my mom and everyone who could get really ill!!

Michele Gianetti

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