Elizabeth was hired!

Well, what can we say?

Back to masks around here.

Which means that the numbers of COVID cases around us in Ohio are increasing. I am sure what I am saying is not unique at all. But if I think back to the moment Elizabeth learned she could go maskless in our grocery store, I smile. She whipped it off in under 2 seconds when she heard that the mask mandate was lifted due to a corporate decision some 2 weeks before our state was doing that.

Ahh, happier times.

Now we are back to making sure she keeps her mask on correctly as in over her nose. She has a tendency to fix it and then pull it down right after. I think it is a sensory thing and I also think that she is doing just what we all wish we could do. But anyway….

The fact is the need for masks highlights the fact that cases are rising here and that highlights the fact that all of the facets of Elizabeth’s life that we JUST seem to be getting back may go away again….one by one.

The exciting news for Elizabeth is that she was hired for a job!

Her first one!

She has been doing job training and working to learn the skills needed for the job and then


We could not be more proud of her and so is she!

It is a part time position.

We also learned that she is going to be hired for a second part time job from another internship she has been working on.

Again, so proud and happy.

But the sort of sad fact is that both of the jobs are in areas that are quite affected by COVID.

The first is at a catering business and the second is in a school.

Yes, you can see now why they are both tied to COVID numbers. I pray and hope that she will get the chance to keep these pieces of her life and not have them shut down for a while or dare I say shut down for a long while, like they were during quarantine.

I will say that these two jobs are in the areas of interest that Elizabeth has expressed when in middle school and ones that we have worked on since. Whether it was via internships or hands on exposure or talking and talking more about behaviors and what you do and don’t do when working, she has put in the work and has kept these areas as her desired focus.
With her disorders, the motor planning and processing required to learn these skills and the confidence she needs to be successful in these jobs required work and reinforcement.
We have to be so thankful for the people who worked with her and their patience and desire to help her succeed.

I love that she is working and pursuing the areas SHE wanted. I think that is a big thing for our kids, letting them make these choices of interest and helping them foster and grow the skills they need for those areas.

After all, I would not want to be guided into a job that I did not have a real interest in.

I do hope everyone is finding their footing in this new challenging school year.

Stay safe and please wear a mask.

I wish everyone a peaceful month.

Michele Gianetti

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Elizabeth Believes in Herself: The Special Journey Continues
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