Elizabeth’s Vision Therapy & Exercises

Vision therapy… the exercise list grows!

So I left off last time that we are doing the exercises on the original list but doing more repetitions of each of them. And that Elizabeth loves doing the work and she reminds me to do it every night.

I am not sure if I told you, but she was given a set of cheater glasses with a +2.00 prescription to them for her to wear when she reads or does the computer work.
So off we went to do these, almost every day.

What have I noticed you may ask?

I noticed that she could read off of the computer screen so much better, she can judge where the numbers go when we are doing her budget spreadsheet. Now she can click in the correct place, while before, she would struggle, get frustrated and then stressed.

I also noticed that when she reads her books to the preschool, it is with a confidence that she didn’t have before. Woohoo! I am happy to see the confidence there.
On Friday March 25th we went to the eye doctor again.

And Elizabeth went in alone to get her therapy and for them to judge the next step.

Out she came 45 minutes later. They were happy with her progress so far and said they had more exercises for us to do.

Next came the list,

But before I share this, the thing I am loving about the exercises is that they incorporate the whole body. They incorporate proprioception (where your body is in space, your body’s position), movement, and even working with her hands not in a traditional manner that would be considered eye-hand coordination building exercises either. But it all fits together.

So now back to the list,

We are using a balance board- to increase core strength, proprioception, balance, and eye work to see where you are as she holds her head up to balance.

She is using her patch on one eye and putting the marker back into the lid that I hold out in front of her at a slight distance. I move it around using the four corners. This is working on eye movement, and with one eye patched it is harder as there is no depth perception.

She is crinkling up ½ piece of paper in each hand then uncrinkling it is using only the one hand. That is hard but it is the beginning of strengthening the eye hand coordination area, and it is great for her fine motor skills.

Eye focusing exercise- looking near for 5 seconds then quickly focusing on something in the distance-

So if you added correctly from before that makes 7 exercises that we are doing daily. YEP! 7!

Our time to do these has increased but it is worth it.

How does she like these new ones you may ask? So because they are new but getting better with each one each time.

I have to say I am enjoying this with her and look forward to seeing the positive changes!

I hope has a peaceful start to spring.

See you next month,
Michele Gianetti

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