I See You! (Elizabeth’s Vision Therapy Month Two)

Okay month number 2 of vision therapy!

We were not able to go on the 11th of February due to a pretty good ice and snow storm in our area. Then on the 18th, it snowed again.

It has been quite the winter around Ohio ask anyone in the north!

So finally! We went last Friday on February 25th.

And how did it go?

Pretty well I must say.

We are doing this interesting thing where we set 2 chairs up in a row but with some space between them, about a foot and a half.

We then walk around them in a figure 8 around them. Which is not too hard but the part that is challenging is that she/we are to look at something on the wall directly in front of the chairs. So she/we are in essence walking around the chairs without looking where she/we are going.

Since walking in a figure 8 round and round means that at times she/we are stepping backwards, that means it becomes even more challenging. This exercise is to help her grow her awareness of where her body is in space.

So saying this was hard to do at first in an understatement. I was so unsure of how to begin this with her that I asked our one therapist to help me break this down and for her to try it with Elizabeth the first few times. Which, happily, she did. I know that with dyspraxia, habits are made practically instantaneously so once made, they are hard to change or break. This means it is so important that the information get in correctly the first time.

So now flash to the eye appointment, when the doctor puts 2 small round rugs on the floor and asks Elizabeth to walk the figure 8 with him. Hmmm? We were still on chairs. I mean we had the intentions of down in objects profiles, but we didn’t quite get there.

He was so patient and said he could tell she had been practicing. So now we are doing this figure 8 exercise with small carpets.

Wish us luck!

They worked with her on the two other exercises we had been doing, which were the marble rolling and the laser pointer tag. Both of which are done with one eye patched. The first is when we roll a marble to her and she captures it with an upside down glass. He wants her to extend the distance and speed we do this. So longer distances between us and faster speed of the marble.

Got it!

The laser pointer exercise is the one that we can keep doing as we are. He is happy because Elizabeth is using her eyes only and keeping her head still as we lie on the floor and shine them on the ceiling. She is to shine hers and follow mine in the patterns I make.

I will say that as a 24-year veteran mom of therapy for Elizabeth, I can so see how we are about 2 feet into a long journey with eye therapy.

I am happy with how much Elizabeth enjoys it and I like that we don’t have any issue doing these! That is a real win too! We are excited to see what positive changes this brings!!!!

Well, that about brings everyone to currency!

I will update more next month.

I wish everyone a peaceful month.

Michele Gianetti

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