So How are Your Summer Plans Coming Along?

I know that the transition from a set school schedule to the somewhat open ended summer schedule can be a really big one.  One that can create stress in both the child and the parents/caregivers.

This transition for all kids is still big but for those with special needs it is even more so and requires planning for.

I remember when Elizabeth was young and I had 1 that’s right ONE plan for her summer.

That was to go to camp.

It was THE perfect camp for her.

It was actually the one she had gone to the year prior but it moved locations, so other than a bit more driving it was perfect.

I was so happy for her, because she adored going and it was simply a great fit.  The problem arose that I was so busy being happy for her and us that I just assumed there would be space for her in the camp.  And there probably would have been if I had called instead of basking in happy.  So it turns out the camp was full.

That was crushing to both of us and sent me into a scramble to find a replacement for this camp and required many calls to friends for suggestions and then calls to places, that required talking about Elizabeth’s disorders and her special needs and, and, and….

So not only was this time consuming but it was done under a bit of stress!

So lesson learned, plan ahead!  Have a plan B,C, D and even E.  For the times when your favorite sitter, friend, companion and therapist are on vacation.

I know that I was busy telling someone about these very things about a month ago and it dawned on me that we DID NOT lay out Elizabeth’s plans for summer.  Now I know she is 24 and I know she does not officially go by the school schedule anymore but her job with Gymsters is to assist in gym classes ( for traditional and adaptive) in schools. So guess what?

She kind of is on the schedule.  And guess what again?  She and I didn’t know when the break for the school is between school year and summer term.

We didn’t know days, times, or well anything.

How did I not do this?

I mean maybe it was just a crazy month of May?  Sure, it really was with us all getting sick at Easter and then Elizabeth and I got COVID ( for the record she gave it to me) so maybe that was it.

But truth is, we dropped the ball on this one.  So after a good conversation with Elizabeth about what she wanted to do this summer, she and I texted and called all those that needed to be texted and called and set up a skeleton schedule for her for summer.

Come to find out that this week is the one she has off between terms and it coincides with the vacation of one of her therapists, so my best guess is that next week she will be back at work and happily so.

I am going to say that in my calendar, I am putting a big note to myself in March, like I used to do, thought I didn’t need to do anymore, but learned we DO, that says PLAN SUMMER WITH ELIZABETH!

Maybe a good suggestion for anyone who might need this.  Maybe even put one in your calendar for other transition times, like winter break?

Vision therapy is going well minus the weeks we had to skip due to the above mentioned illnesses.  We had to move out our appointment twice but are scheduled for next week, so I will let everyone know the next exercises and what her report is.

I wish everyone a great start to summer!

Michele Gianetti

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