A Memorable Mother-Daughter Getaway: Embracing Quality Time and Independence

So, I am not sure if I had mentioned our big debate about vacations this year but it went a little something like this.

The big question was asked: Should we take a trip?

If so, where? It has to be someplace warm, since we live in Ohio and we can be cold by simply staying home so we need to pick a place in the South.

But no one felt strongly about any place other than the one part of Florida that was no longer available due to the incredible hurricane that went through there last year.

That still left us with a week and no real plan.

I asked Elizabeth what she wanted to do and she said she didn’t really want to go away now but she would like to in the Summer “when it is warm” (She apparently got the memo on the need for warmth.)

I talked to Michael and he said “New York” HMMM? I thought about this and know just how much John has been wanted to return there. I could feel the week take shape.

I could also feel just how much Elizabeth would NOT, NOT, NOT like New York site seeing. And this is just what they were wanting to do.

Then the happy of all happy happened.

We decided that for a few days the boys would have their trip and Elizabeth and I would have “girls time” Not the whole week just a few days.

It was agreed on and passed by a full majority.

And I need to tell you that it was THE most wonderful girls time…ever.



This meant no looking at clocks, or planners or worrying about being late for work or her friend.

It was just she and I and I have NEVER EVER EVER had this time or chance.

We have always had something.

So we went on long walks, got our nails done, watched movies and had Mexican.

We did coffee runs, shopped and just talked.

It was a beautiful chance to just be together with my young adult. The one person who has really worked harder than anyone I know in life and it shows. She is trying so very hard to be independent and in fact, it is her number one goal in life.

So much of her life has been and currently is filled with activities and work. And don’t forget therapies and follow ups at home. But for this nice wonderful hunk of time, we just had…time.

And didn’t it teach me that this time is something I want to block off again. And simply BE with her.

She is still a work in progress..we all are actually.

But it was a gift of time together and the boys had a whirlwind New York visit and made incredible memories together.

I am grateful and so proud of her!

I wish everyone a peaceful month.

Michele Gianetti

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