Proud of the young adult Elizabeth has become!

This month has absolutely flown by.

I will say that one of the focuses of this month was observing and preparing for Elizabeth’s new eye appointment.

Elizabeth gets her eyes checked every year without fail and also if an issue arises by our beloved sister-in-law, Lyn so we know that all is well but there was something about watching Elizabeth paint a picture this summer that made me step back and ask myself if she was showing signs of an issue with looking from picture to picture.

Then she showed an issue with tracking well while reading a book.

Then her printing started going downhill as she wrote.

All signs of an issue but is it really a new one? I think don’t think it is new officially more like related to her hard work with her dyspraxia. As it affects her globally. And the fact is that any skill, when not done for a while, for Elizabeth, will be challenging or rusty. And practicing the skill and working on it again, helps it be fluid. So, while not worried that is new and having the reassurance from Lyn that it isn’t, I started to think about the good things my two friends told me about their young adults who have done some vision therapy. And it got me thinking that maybe it is time for us to try this.

I have talked with Lyn about this many times over and all the muscle tests done were normal, so the need for what was then a “new” therapy wasn’t really great.

But now, I am thinking we should give it a try, should see what the testing shows and then work the vision program to see if there is a difference for Elizabeth, her art, reading and writing.

And I know for sure that Elizabeth is wanting to do this as she said so many times over when we talked about it.

Now we are currently looking for another vision therapist near to us because I know that with her schedule and the family’s driving far or weekly will not really work well. Our first evaluation with our first vision therapist went great but the eye doctor did not have the material needed to work with Elizabeth at the beginning level she needs. I learned, from the evaluation, that she has a pretty great need for vision therapy and would be starting at square one. So yes, we did get the initial evaluation but not the next appointment. Now we are looking for a new vision therapist.

I will keep you posted as to how this whole thing looks going forward. I hope we can find our path because now that I know Elizabeth is ready, it will be just that much easier when the work actually starts. We ended the month with Elizabeth solo performing as the “treat passer outer” on Halloween. 110 times she smiled at, talked to and greeted our Halloweener’s.

So proud of how far this young adult has come.

I wish everyone a peaceful month.

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