Welcome to 2022!

Welcome to 2022!

Today officially begins our new year of Getting Back at It. That is the first big thing

By this I mean the Christmas break was over and Michael went back to school. This meant that all the parts of Elizabeth’s life were coming back. She was on vacation the past 2 weeks due to everyone in her life being off for the holidays.

I have to tell you that it was actually a bit tough in this last part of the week for Elizabeth. I have always known that with her special needs that open ended time is not her friend. And that when we are grateful for a nothing day, she can become anxious with the concept of having nothing to do.

So we had to make some real concerted efforts to structure some things in her days toward the end. To give her days a bit more structure and to help her feel less, shall we say, frustrated and somewhat anxious.

Seeing these feelings emerge like this reminds me that although time and years have past, the disorders that Elizabeth has are still able to show themselves.

And that she will more than likely feel this way about open ended time for a long time to come.

Don’t get me wrong she is much better than she was when she was younger but now that she is a young adult, she is used to the busy and the feeling of accomplishment so then when she is off, it is like she feels the void MORE and because she is wired as she is, she reacts more strongly and well….the rest is as I said above.

Suffice it to say, she was quite ecstatic to log on to her virtual singing lesson this am.

And so she began to “get her life back”

The second big thing to occur is that she went to a new eye doctor to evaluate her for vision therapy. And I have to say it went just beautifully.

I was so proud of the young adult that Elizabeth presented herself as. She worked really hard as the test lasted an hour. But the doctor was kind and patient so the test was as low anxiety as it could be.

We will soon hear the results and be decide the plan for moving forward. I will post about this next time.

I can tell you that as we left, the doctor said “Well, we have a lot to talk about.” And I said that I was looking forward to hearing his thoughts and then I said something to the doctor that I think holds true for most, if not all, of our special needs children.

I said “Let me guess, she simply works pretty hard in her life each day, doesn’t she?”

Now I was of course referring to her vision and the challenges it brings to her. But the point is bigger than just that.

And the doctor said “Yes, yes, she does.”

We all have to know that this is so true and it makes us so proud of our special children. They really do work so hard!

I wish everyone a peaceful month and I will update everyone then!

Michele Gianetti

Author of:
I Believe in You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey
Elizabeth Believes in Herself: The Special Journey Continues
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