Anna Trick-or-Treating (Halloween 2021)

Halloween fun!

After a few years of a quiet Halloween due to COVID, it was nice seeing more children out and about this year! I really thought how much I missed seeing that. Anna and her siblings got dressed in their costumes and went around our neighborhood. We literally picked the outfit that day from her dress-up clothes box. She could not make up her mind what she wanted to be until the very last minute. I guess the choices can be overwhelming sometimes. We pulled it off though-Princess Elsa! She is still a bit behind motor skills wise and it takes a lot for her to walk long distances. We, initially left the house with no stroller because she was so excited, but we quickly realized that would not last, and so after about 3 houses, I ran back to get her stroller. So, she did do mostly stroller going from one house to the next although trying to keep up with her siblings and friends were her motivation! She had so much fun, it was very difficult to convince her to head back home! Will keep this short, more festivities coming!

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