“I Want A _________ for Christmas!

“You smarty pants” I say. To which she replies, “I’m not a smarty pants! I’m a smarty shirt!” Silly, Anna, I certainly wasn’t expecting that response. There have been so many festivities these past few weeks. We celebrated Grandma’s birthday on Thanksgiving Day. Then, celebrated Thanksgiving. Then, my son’s and his cousin’s birthday are only weeks apart from each other, so we celebrated together which was a great idea and lots of fun. Then, we celebrated my son’s birthday on his birthday as well. Then the Christmas performance at school and the Christmas party at school! And now, it is almost here! How quickly time flies! We went to see Santa at the Down Syndrome Connect of the Bay Area so that was nice. I had no idea what she wanted or was going to ask for until I did this video of her……Once again, an interesting, unexpected response! I was not prepared. Anna, with her uniqueness, always keeps me on my toes. A Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!


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