Anna Goes Sledding

We went to Tahoe this past month and visited the snow!  Being in the great outdoors is such a perfect activity during these COVID times.   After several sled runs, Anna started to become bolder and braver claiming that she wanted to do it all by herself.  So, she did and she did amazing.  However, on one of her sled runs, she ended up hitting the side of her head on part of a tree.  Thankfully, she had her helmet on, but now, when anyone asks her about Tahoe and sledding, she will say immediately, “ I bumped my head on the tree.”  Poor baby-that this ended up being the “thing” she remembers from her trip!  Hopefully, we will have more times in the snow that that memory will fade.  Currently, we are in the process of trying to figure out schooling for Kindergarten for Anna.   As a mother, it is always so hard to know what exactly to do.   I like the idea of small, private school setting for more personal attention which I think would be great.  However, the limitations may be that they are not as equipped to meet any special education needs should they arise.  Either way, full inclusion is absolutely my goal for Anna, and research seems to support it as well.  In prayer about how it all works out, but will keep you posted.


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