a blessing in disguise

An angel!  Truly, I feel like I’m living with an angel.  However, I have to say, having a child with special needs-not easy!   For some reason, these past 2 weeks, I really began feelin...

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Talktool admin 02 Oct 19

back to preschool we go!

Anna is back to preschool!  Anna loves being in preschool!  She is currently fully immersed in a typical preschool.   So far, she is doing fantastic, except, I do believe she may be the o...

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Talktool admin 13 Sep 19

advocating for my daughter

One thing I have learned over the last 22 years with Elizabeth is that the advocacy does not end. It may change forms. It may change in intensity. But it does not end. This is something that...

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Talktool admin

anna’s summer fun

Anna had an awesome summer!   She has been enjoying horseback riding and swimming. But, the highlight of our summer was our trip to Italy, we had an incredible time!  Besides the Gondola r...

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Talktool admin 30 Aug 19

anna’s speech progress and setbacks

Anna- what a character!  I am waiting in the waiting room of the physical therapy  department with a room full of people. In the distance, I see her running towards me full speed and with ...

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Talktool admin 15 Aug 19

introducing anna

Meet Anna!   This is our precious, happy, spunky four year old child with Down Syndrome.  Everyone says it-her presence immediately lights up a room. She is such a joyful girl and she show...

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Talktool admin 30 Jul 19

your work as a parent matters

When I used to think of the word advocacy, I would think of a person who was really well known taking a stance about something, or a person in the news, or a person, who’s name was easily...

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Talktool admin 11 Jul 19

thank you note from an slp traveling to the honduras!

Dear TalkTools Organization,  Thank you so much for your continued support of those on Roatan, Honduras! Your donation of toothettes, gloves, chewy tubes and straws was greatly appreciated ...

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Talktool admin 09 Jul 19

how to manage summer fun with therapy sessions

SUMMER! What a great word! Fun and sun and time off and well, you get the point. But summer to us always has a bit more reality attached to it because of Elizabeth and her disorders.  Being...

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Talktool admin 07 Jun 19

talktools® goes global: a recipe for success! part 2

By: Colette Ellis M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, Tara Ellis M.S., CCC-SLP & Lisa Scott M.S., CCC-SLP Continued….Read TalkTools® Goes Global: A Recipe For Success! PART 1 to learn how the...

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Talktool admin 06 Jun 19