Ask a Therapist: Using Horns, Bubbles, or Vibration for 18 month olds

What are your norms for using the vibrator, chews, horn and bubbles on an 18 month old. I searched through your website and was not able to find information regarding ages except that it was normed on 3 year olds. I’d like more information regarding 18 month olds.

It obviously depends on the child but I typically do not use vibration prior to a year of age. It is a good idea to take the two day feeding class to learn why and when to use vibration.

As for Chews… at around 4 m of age I start working on the motor skills for chewing so I may use a Mini chew or a Chewy Tube or one of the new TT
Chewy toys . Again, it’s more important to understand the task analysis and Chewing Hierarchy than to have a specific age.

I may introduce bubbles and/or horns before age 2 if the child had the motor skills to support blowing. I would always work on the underlying motor skills first. –Lori L. Overland MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC, FOM

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