Ask a Therapist: Lateralizing s/z

Hi, I have a student who is lateralizing s/z. I’m wondering if the Jaw Grading Bite Blocks are most appropriate bite block to help treat her jaw sliding? Thanks!

Hi, the jaw grading bite blocks is one step of working on a lateral s but there is more to assess. Jaw stability, tongue from jaw dissociation, structure. In our OPT 1 course (A Three Part Treatment Plan for Oral Motor Therapy) we teach the necessary motor skills needed for each sound. Once you have the foundation of what motor skills are needed and how to assess them you can begin to develop your treatment plan. There is also a full program “Oral Placement Therapy for S and Z” that includes both assessment and lesson plans for treatment. That might be a good start if you have not taken the full training or want some more assistance focusing just on these two sounds. Hope this helps! – Renee Roy Hill, MS, CCC-SLP, COM®️ CLC

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