Lessons Learned From Our Disney Vacation: Not Perfect, but Pretty Wonderful

My blog a couple of months ago was about preparing for our trip to Disney World. Otherwise known as “The happiest place on earth.” So was it? I would have to say it was a wonderful trip....

Talktool admin 15 Sep 18

Back to School: Sensory Processing Disorder & Dyspraxia

Something that I know I see a great deal on Elizabeth’s IEP are the words: These words are used to describe the skills and topics that are being focused on. Not quite mastered, not quite d...

Talktool admin 20 Aug 18

Preparing Your Special Needs Child for Disney World

This is such a loaded question. I mean it is something we say to each other when we meet in a store or at the pool. Usually the answers I get range from: “Great” to “Well, you know, bu...

Talktool admin 17 Jul 18

Parents… Remember to Forgive Yourself

I know I write many stories about Elizabeth. I think raising her and growing in knowledge about her has become sort of my part-time, if not my full-time job. I write about her life with the ...

Talktool admin 16 Jun 18

How to Raise Awareness for Your Child’s Special Needs

One of the phrases that I say a lot is “the gift of Elizabeth.” I use it to talk about the perspective that having her in our lives gives us. I use it to talk about the love she has br...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 19 May 18

4 Things I Remind Myself of Before the Next IEP Meeting

As sure as the first flowers are arriving, so is IEP time. It almost sounds celebratory… but for those who have a special needs child, we know it is not like that. I know we have an IE...

Talktool admin 18 May 18

Knightly’s First Word

Moments like this are exactly why we LOVE what we do!...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 14 May 18

How to Reflect On Your Year Meaningfully

When it gets to be this time of year, we go from quiet Thanksgivings to a veritable bell ringing at midnight on Thanksgiving that signifies the start of the Christmas season. The shopping,...

TalkTools Marketing Dept.

How to Tend to Special Needs Child on Thanksgiving

Raise your hand if you cannot believe we are one day away from Thanksgiving, the official unofficial beginning of the holiday season. I feel like I just shut my door at the end of Halloween ...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 11 May 18

Elizabeth: Graduating From High School!

I know that most of you know our story. I know that most of you know that our beautiful Elizabeth has two disorders. And I know you know that our journey has been quite winding and amazing. ...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 08 May 18