Happy 6th Birthday Anna!!

Anna had a birthday!  She is now 6 years old! We went out to eat for breakfast, something we have not done in a very long time!  She thoroughly enjoyed it!  After breakfast, we asked her what she would like to do.  You will never guess what she wanted to do and just shows you her unique personality! She wanted to go to a car wash!   This was not at all anything we expected!  But, of course, we did exactly as she wished on her birthday.  We went through the automatic car wash, saw rainbow colored foam covering our car.  When you truly think about it, it is kind of like “ride” and I could see how that is a lot of fun.  Then, she got out in her beautiful dress and was able to clean out the inside of our car with the large industrial sized vacuum hose which she enjoyed as well.   Grandma made her a beautiful cake that we all enjoyed.  Her face lit up as she tore open the wrapping paper off her presents which she has gotten very good at. Looking back over the year, lots of progress and we have a lot to be thankful for.  She is now fully potty trained! Just in time for Kindergarten which was such a relief!  She is learning to do more “chores” around the house.  We do a sticker chart for making her bed.  She helps to unload the dishwasher, helps with laundry, and has also, even started “washing the dishes” where she will take the sponge and wash all the plastic items such as cups, or spoons and forks in the sink.  She is learning to become more and more independent and the other day, she wanted to take a shower herself!  She will be entering Kindergarten this fall and this is both a very exciting, but also, a bit scary for me as you can imagine the many worries that go through my head.   It’s always the uncertainty, for me, that causes the fear, but my faith keeps me going.


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