Ask a Therapist: Down Syndrome Infant Treatment Ideas


I have used your therapy approach for a while and would like to know what Sara would recommend for me as I am starting with a 7 month old child with Down syndrome.  I am ordering the CEU DVD, however, I wondered if there was some other resource that I should consider as I start out with this infant.

Thank you


Your email was referred to me for a response but I have to say you have anticipated my answer.

Lori Overland’s DVD entitled “Developing Oral-Motor and Feeding Skills in the Down Syndrome Population” is exactly what I would have encouraged you to purchase.  I say this because after 40 years of working with children with this diagnosis I have never met two who need the same exact intervention. Lori’s DVD will give you the knowledge you will need to best address this client’s individual needs.

Other suggestions at this time are the following:
1.  Feed the child with the ear higher than the mouth to prevent liquid from going into the child’s ear via the Eustachian tubes.
2.  Do not push down or in on the child’s tongue

3.  Read the The Oral-Motor Myths of Down Syndrome

Have fun with this client as the potential for the development of normal feeding and speech skills is very high based on appropriate intervention.
Once this client reaches twelve months of age you might want to watch the DVD of my class “A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy,” as it will give the next steps in our treatment model.

I hope this has answered your question,

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson

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