Ask A Therapist: S & Z

Hi, Would you be able to recommend some at home products?  My daughter (8 yr. w/ Down Syndrome) is working on moving more air through the center of her mouth.  Air is coming out the sides.  Her therapist believes it will help her overall intelligibility.  In addition to this central goal, she will be focusing on the production of s and z.  Thank you for your help!

I have written an entire program for the production of /s/ and /z/ called Oral Placement Therapy OPT for /s/ and /z/.  In that book I teach the 20 lessons on how to produce those sounds.  Two of the techniques I use are a hierarchy of therapy horns and bubbles blowing.  Both of these techniques target oral airflow direction (central airflow) and would be ideal for your child.  The other activities in the program will work directly on her production of those sounds.

I hope this has answered your question.

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson

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