Avoiding Backsliding: The Active Effort of Practicing Good Habits

So I am about 4 months out from the fall that broke my leg

It happened on November 2nd.

And it has been quite the journey since……

And it is about 1 month since I gave up the crutches or rather got permission to do so.

And I am still relearning to walk. In physical therapy, but I look okay.

And I can do a lot of things.  Almost most things really. Since when you are on crutches you can really do nothing but…well, crutch around from point A to point B.

And because I can do a lot of things.

 Elizabeth hasn’t had to help me as much. And for those who don’t know, she was the BEST helper when I was not able to walk.

But because she hasn’t had to help me as much, there has been just a touch of a backslide that I see.  Such as her looking at me for cues as to what to do, when she was doing things completely on her own before.

And nods from me to help her keep her focus in the direction she needs to, when before she was handling things without those little cues and nods.

And now comes to the lesson for me to learn and that is to STOP. 

STOP and THINK and REMEMBER that she can do it. And REMEMBER that she KNOWS she can. 

I need to remember to:
Stop indicating things that you know she knows.
Stop nodding towards the things that she needs to take.
Stop reminding her of things that she can do on her own. 

We both need to avoid sliding back into the familiar when it was simply wonderful to see her break new ground and show beautiful growth….so let’s not go back.  Because her dyspraxia makes those habits just so darn hard to avoid. So hard to change.  But now is the time.    

Basically, we are both learning how to navigate the next little bit of my life and her life together. Which includes me seeing the highest peak of her independence and wanting praying and wishing her to stay there.

Elizabeth is an incredible person and has grown and shown so much. And now I need to remember this as does she need to remember that she is capable.  

No matter what circumstance she/we are in.

I will let you know how this is going next month.

I wish everyone a good month!!

Michele Gianetti

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