Preparing for Halloween when your child has SPD

I was watching a local news program the other morning and there was a segment on about a Halloween event that was happening this weekend. What I thought was interesting about the interview w...

Talktool admin 07 Oct 19

Advocating for my Daughter

One thing I have learned over the last 22 years with Elizabeth is that the advocacy does not end. It may change forms. It may change in intensity. But it does not end. This is something that...

Talktool admin 13 Sep 19

Your Work As a Parent Matters

When I used to think of the word advocacy, I would think of a person who was really well known taking a stance about something, or a person in the news, or a person, who’s name was easily...

Talktool admin 11 Jul 19

How to Manage Summer Fun with Therapy Sessions

SUMMER! What a great word! Fun and sun and time off and well, you get the point. But summer to us always has a bit more reality attached to it because of Elizabeth and her disorders.  Being...

Talktool admin 07 Jun 19

Gaining Independence

I have been writing about Elizabeth and our journey for many years.  My hope in sharing our story is that our words would fit someone’s needs at the time, to help someone on their journey...

Talktool admin 20 May 19

Anxiety: Happens to the Best of Us

It is funny but when Elizabeth was younger, the word anxiety was not typically used to describe her moods and emotions.  It was more that everything was related to her Sensory Processing Di...

Talktool admin 08 Mar 19

The Journey

I am not sure how it happens but it seems to happen, quite a lot actually. I think you will know what I mean.   How many of you can think of those times when you have a great, air clearing ...

Talktool admin 27 Feb 19

A Word to Parents: Christmas Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

We saw the water dripping down the steps of the garage the very minute we pulled the car into its space. NEVER a good thing to see. Turns out we had had a flood while we were at my in-laws h...

Talktool admin 14 Nov 18

How to Have a Sensory-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

It all began with an innocent piece of turkey on my plate on Thanksgiving when I was 11 years old. I never really liked turkey but for the holidays prior, I was willing to drown it in gravy ...

Talktool admin 20 Oct 18

Your Child’s Anxiety

Anxiety. I know that Elizabeth has it in direct relation to her Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia. When she is overloaded or afraid of something, her anxiety kicks in. And when it ki...

Talktool admin 28 Sep 18