Halloween Festivities with Anna

Fall festivities! Prior to Halloween, we ended up going to the farm-picking out our pumpkin and painting them which Anna thoroughly enjoyed.  We also went to a pumpkin patch with her school, where we picked out more pumpkins. I bought stickers to decorate those pumpkins at home-so much fun without as much mess!  We certainly got some occupational therapy with all these activities. At the farms, we were able to feed sheep and goats which she thought was hilarious. The texture of the goat’s tongue was also an interesting sensory experience.  

Halloween!!!  We did gel clings on windows for decorating.  Also, a great OT activity and you can almost do this for every holiday that comes around.  The hardest part about Halloween is to figure out which costume to wear! She was a strawberry last year.  This year, I still had a pumpkin costume from when my son was a toddler. The only reason I believe I kept it, is because my husband and I were also pumpkins that year and so we had the whole family of pumpkins.  It fit Anna perfectly! Then, our lovely friends gave us a cupcake costume! Too cute, I couldn’t resist dressing her up as that either.

I thought maybe holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, were hard concepts to understand for her.  However, having the older siblings and her peers definitely helps. The other thing that I found extremely helpful is going to the library and borrowing the toddler books pertaining to different holidays.  The books work I believe because she is such a visual learner which is consistent with many children with Down Syndrome.  

Last, but not least, trick-or-treating!   She had a good time trying to keep up with brother and sister with around our neighborhood.  I brought the stroller along, however, so she can ride in between houses. She completely got the concept and we had a blast! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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