Ask A Therapist: Which Hierarchies Should My Child Follow?

I am a parent who has been watching your DVDs in order to help my son – I don’t think there is a TalkTools trained therapist where I live (Hawaii). How do I know which hierarchies are appropriate? I don’t know how to diagnose him properly. Could I send you a video and have you tell me what he needs? Also, stuttering isn’t mentioned on the DVD, would the hierarchies apply? I’m very excited to get started. Thank you!

I will do my best to help, although I do wish you had a speech therapist to guide you. Check “Find a Therapist” to see a list of Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) we have trained in our techniques. If no one in your area is listed, please call the TalkTools Customer Service Department at 888-529-2879, we may be able to find a therapist near you who has completed “A Three Part Treatment Plan for Oral-Placement Therapy.” Do you travel to the mainland? The best way to determine what he needs is to see him and we have many SLPs in the States who could do an evaluation, however, we have had parents view our DVDs to help their children when a therapist is not available.

If you know other families with children with similar issues you might buy the DVD as a group and learn together. That way you would have a support system in place if you have questions. Also, with the knowledge you gain, you are welcome to ask me specific questions and I will do my best to help you. Without seeing your son, I cannot tell you what hierarchies he would need, but the DVDs will teach you what to look for.

Thanks and good luck!

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson

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