Finding Good Among the Bad

At home life with Anna has been quite interesting. It’s been a bit difficult because of course, she has no clue why we can’t go outside anymore. She has no clue why we haven’t been goi...

Talktool admin 14 Apr 20

Reminiscing on Better Times

Prior to the worsening of this Coronavirus in February, we were able to take our pre-planned trip to Europe.  The children had a mid-winter break and we took advantage of it.  We were so ...

Talktool admin 23 Mar 20

New Year with New Improvments

Happy New Year!  Since we moved from the East coast a few years ago and since my family is still living in the East Coast, we were able to celebrate an early New Year which was very nice! ...

Talktool admin 16 Jan 20

Incorporating Therapy into Everyday Chores

“Cutie patootie, Cutie pie,” I say!  This all gets met with a, “I’m NOT a cutie patootie, I’m Anna!”  Oops! Sometimes I can’t help myself. She keeps me laughing a lot!  She ...

Talktool admin 15 Nov 19

Halloween Festivities with Anna

Fall festivities! Prior to Halloween, we ended up going to the farm-picking out our pumpkin and painting them which Anna thoroughly enjoyed.  We also went to a pumpkin patch with her school...

Talktool admin 01 Nov 19

A Day in the Life With Anna

I wanted to share with you a day in the life of Anna.  She wakes me up about 6:30 every morning. We start our morning routine with what we call “reading time” and “chew, chew, chew”...

Talktool admin 14 Oct 19

A Blessing in Disguise

An angel!  Truly, I feel like I’m living with an angel.  However, I have to say, having a child with special needs-not easy!   For some reason, these past 2 weeks, I really began feelin...

Talktool admin 02 Oct 19

Back to Preschool we go!

Anna is back to preschool!  Anna loves being in preschool!  She is currently fully immersed in a typical preschool.   So far, she is doing fantastic, except, I do believe she may be the o...

Talktool admin 13 Sep 19

Anna’s Summer Fun

Anna had an awesome summer!   She has been enjoying horseback riding and swimming. But, the highlight of our summer was our trip to Italy, we had an incredible time!  Besides the Gondola r...

Talktool admin 30 Aug 19

Anna’s Speech Progress and Setbacks

Anna- what a character!  I am waiting in the waiting room of the physical therapy  department with a room full of people. In the distance, I see her running towards me full speed and with ...

Talktool admin 15 Aug 19