Ask A Therapist: Down Syndrome & Teeth Grinding

Hello, I have a 23 months old baby boy with Down Syndrome, who is grinding his teeth so bad lately. It is so annoying sometimes. He has 9 teeth and feeding is doing much better at this t...

Talktool admin 15 Sep 16

Ask A Therapist: 7 year old with Down Syndrome who can’t drink

My son who has Down Syndrome will be seven next month and still can’t drink. Ben had a high palate and was breastfed. He really latched with his tongue. He only drinks from a hard spo...

Talktool admin 21 Mar 16

Ask A Therapist: Teeth Grinding

My child has no problems with eating or drinking, but grinds his teeth until I want to grind mine! His dentist says it’s common in kids with Down syndrome. I saw your teeth grinding it...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 21 Feb 12