Success Story: Noah Grows Up with Apraxia

When my son, Noah, was 2 years old, his speech therapist suspected he might have apraxia of speech. Noah had no intelligible language, almost no approximations and very poor oral motor skill...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 12 Aug 17

Ask a Therapist: Physical Therapist Question on Oral Motor

Hi, I am a physical therapist working in Early Intervention in NJ. I have a 12 month child that I suspect has an undiagnosed syndrome. She has very low muscle throughout. Her cognitive level...

Talktool admin 22 May 17

#TBT: My Best Tips for Eliciting the K Sound

This is a repost from Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP, with permission from the author. Upon reaching out to her for permission, here’s what Dean wrote: “I found TalkTools to...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 11 May 17

Ask A Therapist: “Fixing” During Horn Hierarchy Exercises

I use the horn hierarchy and really love the results. One of my clients, a young girl, tenses her muscles – shoulder, stomach, facial, etc, to blow and make the appropriate sound for...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 07 Feb 12