Ask A Therapist: Child with a small mouth

Hi TalkTools, I am working with a child with a very small mouth, and the Yellow Chewy Tube is still too big and too hard for him. What would you recommend I use with him instead until he can...

Talktool admin 20 Apr 16

Effects of Limited or Excessive Jaw Mobility during Conversational Speech

by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson This presentation was made at the 2015 annual ASHA Convention, Session #1080. Abstract: Practicing Speech-Language Pathologists report that many clients demonstr...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 06 Jan 16

Ask a Therapist: When to start Tongue Retraction Exercises?

I have attended two of Sara‘s workshops. I have a 7-11 year old student with a frontal lisp who still sucks his thumb at night and sometimes during the day. His tongue is forward with ...

Talktool admin 04 Oct 12

Ask A Therapist: Eliminating a Non-Nutritive Suckle

I have a client that has a non-nutritive suck that he uses often during therapy activities. Not always for calming purposes.  How do I eliminate this? Suckling is used for calming, but also...

TalkTools Marketing Dept. 01 Feb 12