ask a therapist: teeth grinding

My child has no problems with eating or drinking, but grinds his teeth until I want to grind mine! His dentist says it’s common in kids with Down syndrome. I saw your teeth grinding it...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 21 Feb 12

ask a therapist: “fixing” during horn hierarchy exercises

I use the horn hierarchy and really love the results. One of my clients, a young girl, tenses her muscles – shoulder, stomach, facial, etc, to blow and make the appropriate sound for...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 07 Feb 12

ask a therapist: eliminating a non-nutritive suckle

I have a client that has a non-nutritive suck that he uses often during therapy activities. Not always for calming purposes.  How do I eliminate this? Suckling is used for calming, but also...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 01 Feb 12

user friendly oral placement therapy tools

At TalkTools® we have developed a series of very user-friendly talk therapy tools that correspond with her hierarchical approach to oral placement therapy. Through the consistent impro...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 12 Jan 12

talktools workshop schedule

Our therapists travel extensively throughout the US and internationally to provide tactile therapy workshops for Autism, Down syndrome and Apraxia, among others. Click here to see the upcomi...

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Talktool admin 02 Jan 12

assessment and treatment of the jaw

The latest book from Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, Assessment and Treatment of the Jaw is a more detailed study of the importance of jaw skills for the whole body sensory organization, speech cl...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 26 Dec 11

spd, dyspraxia and trick-or-treating

How do you approach the holiday of Halloween? What would you wish for your special needs child? Back in the day of young Elizabeth, I would have ensured that “Trick or Treat” tim...

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Talktool admin 07 Aug 20