teletherapy tips and tricks

We have put together an abundance of resources for both parents and therapists to use during these hectic times. Many practices have switched to teletherapy to continue their therapy practic...

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Talktool admin 30 Mar 20

covid-19: private practitioners report on office closures and telepractice

Originally written by Carol Polovoy and Jillian Kornak for the ASHA blog March 25, 2020  As schools and businesses shut down the week of March 16 in response to social distancing and shel...

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Talktool admin 26 Mar 20

talktools global virtual conference to start on may 7

TalkTools has just announced that its upcoming Global Virtual Conference will start on May 7. The week-long event will cover the latest training topics related to speech, feeding, Orofacial ...

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Talktool admin 25 Mar 20

reminiscing on better times

Prior to the worsening of this Coronavirus in February, we were able to take our pre-planned trip to Europe.  The children had a mid-winter break and we took advantage of it.  We were so ...

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Talktool admin 23 Mar 20

steps to regain control during an uncertain time

I was planning on writing this blog about how we usually approach Spring break, you know activities to do, prep for our children who really like their schedules but find themselves off. And ...

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Talktool admin

never too old to follow your dreams

I know one of the many things we did for Elizabeth was including her in on the decisions made for her life.  Not always was this a possibility of course as she was not able to talk until 5 ...

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Talktool admin 26 Feb 20

anna says goodbye to coco

Our family dog that Anna adores passed away today. Coco was a sweet, loving, kind dog and could be fully trusted with children of any age. She was 17 years old and had congestive heart failu...

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Talktool admin 25 Feb 20

anna’s sensi experience

Sparkles!  That is my mentor’s nickname for Anna.  The twinkle in her eyes as she smiles so beautifully makes this nickname perfect for her.  Her speech has been expanding as of late-my...

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Talktool admin 03 Feb 20

increasing independence, slowly but surely

I thought that maybe this blog could be an update on what life is like for Elizabeth currently.  I know that the holiday time can bring back memories and that was the case for me as I looke...

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Talktool admin 16 Jan 20

new year with new improvments

Happy New Year!  Since we moved from the East coast a few years ago and since my family is still living in the East Coast, we were able to celebrate an early New Year which was very nice! ...

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