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I was reading a post on a social media site this week as I am part of a few special need parent groups.

The post was from a mom who talked about her daughter and this daughter would do “great” when she was with others or doing something away from home but would be “tough and angry” when she was back home.

This mom wanted to know if this was typical. Her daughter had several diagnosis and SPD (sensory processing disorder ) was one of them.  This post made me think about a lot of things about Elizabeth. I so much wanted to magically call this mom and reassure her that things can and will get better.

Elizabeth was tough on me years ago….REALLY tough. 

She would be “great” at school, a real “delight” and I know this because it was written in her daily communication sheets.  Those were not the words I would have used to describe her daily after school mood. 

But we through that got.

Next came the teenage years.  So many words said, feet stomped and proclamations about my ruining 

But we got through that as well.

Next came the stage of working on transitioning her to high school.  Such high anxiety, nervous behaviors and repetitions from Elizabeth.  

But we got through that.

Next was high school, transitioning to college and her college program.

All stages have taken work but have brought us closer as friends.  

The bond we have is an amazing thing.  I simply love who she is and her wonderful personality.  I love her spunk and bit of attitude.

I went from the role of mom and therapist to mom and friend.  I love talking to her, hearing her words about her feelings and guiding her in life.  She is my buddy.

I wanted to tell that one mom all this because I know I would have loved to hear it many years ago.

Elizabeth has been home since March and told me the other day “We are not done yet Mom, right?” 

I am so grateful she feels that way about me and our time together.

The official update for Elizabeth is that the quarantine has been quite positive for her and us.

I am grateful.

Maybe that mom on social media will see this and feel better, I hope so.

I wish everyone peace.

Please know I wear a mask for my mom and others who could get really ill.  Please wear a mask!

-Michele Gianetti.

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