Currently we are waiting for the next board meeting for our local schools. It is scheduled for August 6th and during the meeting, we are to be told of the final plans for re-opening our loca...

Talktool admin 20 Aug 20

Family Time

I was reading a post on a social media site this week as I am part of a few special need parent groups. The post was from a mom who talked about her daughter and this daughter would do “gr...

Talktool admin 20 Jul 20

Journey Back to Normal

Isn’t it something how we all went from our various shelter in place orders to seeing our worlds open up and now it is summer! In Ohio, we get all 4 seasons so we happily greet the changes...

Talktool admin 09 Jun 20

The New Normal

We have now been in the lockdown for close to 60+ days.  I have such a hard time believing that it has been that long but at the same time,   IT  HAS BEEN  THAT  LONG. Things we left b...

Talktool admin 15 May 20

Something That Makes You Happy

As I write this I am sitting with some ice on my left knee.  Why the ice? Well, it all started in October with a poorly planned turn of direction on my part which resulted in a twist of my ...

Talktool admin 13 Apr 20

Steps to Regain Control During an Uncertain Time

I was planning on writing this blog about how we usually approach Spring break, you know activities to do, prep for our children who really like their schedules but find themselves off. And ...

Talktool admin 23 Mar 20

Never too old to follow your dreams

I know one of the many things we did for Elizabeth was including her in on the decisions made for her life.  Not always was this a possibility of course as she was not able to talk until 5 ...

Talktool admin 26 Feb 20

Increasing Independence, slowly but surely

I thought that maybe this blog could be an update on what life is like for Elizabeth currently.  I know that the holiday time can bring back memories and that was the case for me as I looke...

Talktool admin 16 Jan 20

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,   As a young girl I wrote to you with requests for toys, games and of course, surprises!  I also want you to know I NEVER forgot to leave cookies for you and carrots for Ru...

Talktool admin 10 Dec 19

How to Prepare your Child for the Upcoming Holidays

As I write this I am looking at a big pile of Halloween candy. Michael had himself a huge ball of fun on this holiday and Elizabeth, his sister decided this was the year she would “relax...

Talktool admin 15 Nov 19