Currently we are waiting for the next board meeting for our local schools. It is scheduled for August 6th
and during the meeting, we are to be told of the final plans for re-opening our local school system. This
all pertains to Michael, our son who will be a freshman this year.

Currently the plan has some pretty big holes in it and I know many parents, myself included, hope that
some of those holes get filled in.

So, we wait.

Michael is really the only child who is in limbo currently as far as fall plans are concerned. Emily our
oldest began her last year of medical school…COVID and all. And Elizabeth?

Well here is where it gets interesting and pretty, positive actually. Elizabeth and I signed her up for her
college class at the end of June to make sure she got in because so much of the college was said to be in
a holding pattern. With the thought that if the class could go online it was to go online. So this left the
pickings slim and so we got her registered.

Now in July, things in our area did not look good regarding COVID and the college was sort of changing
its course to even more online options, so I asked Elizabeth is she would be okay not going to her college
program this semester but to be home.

I explained to her all about the changes on campus. And that she would probably not being going to the
rec center to workout or doing her internships or really doing all the other things that make the college
experience what it was for her.

After talking to her a few times, she asked some questions about what we would be doing at home and
what therapies she would be doing.

I answered her the best I could.

But it was during a telehealth with our beloved therapist Mary that some really neat thoughts and ideas
came out from Elizabeth. It was when she told Mary HER goals and the things SHE wanted for the time

I was beyond happy to hear her thoughts and sort of learned AGAIN, the importance of talking and
asking her about her thoughts and feelings on things.She wants to work on her handwriting, her typing ( I hate how long takes me to type something) She wants to work on her reading because “ I’m tired of struggling and it makes me so mad.”

There are about 6 more of these good goals as well as a want to do yoga, walk everyday and start her
Etsy business for her artwork. I can say that it was a nice feeling to wipe away the tentative plans we had in place and put in her goals. We have done a good deal to set up her Etsy account and her first three goals.

From the child who was non-verbal to this 23 year old young lady with her own goals! She is proud of herself and so are we.

I will share more next month. I wish everyone a peaceful month.Please wear a mask! I do for my mom and others who could get really ill.

Michele Gianetti

Talktool admin 20 Aug 20

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