A Mother Learns Many Lessons

Elizabeth is one of those children, lucky or unlucky, depending on how you see it, who has a summer birthday. These children get to wake up and automatically be off on their birthday, go outside to play, and enjoy their day but they don’t get to celebrate their day with classmates in the form of… read more

Annabelle 19 Months: 18 Words & 18 Signs

Belle is starting to imitate words more which I am excited about. To date, she has approximately 18 words and 18 signs. She is very animated and quite dramatic at times Annabelle continues to eat well and is doing great with her new #4 straw. She has improved tremendously with her “chomping” exercises in the… read more

Why Every SLP Needs to Understand Dysphagia

by: Dr. Jennifer Jones, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCS-S As a Board Certified Swallowing Specialist,  I am asked on a regular basis about why other therapists, nurses, physicians and general population need to know more about dysphagia and the symptoms. Dysphagia is a growing health problem in the United States and the prevalence will increase significantly over… read more

Elizabeth: Interning in Advocacy

I left everyone last month by saying that Elizabeth was going to school!  What an accomplishment for her and her strength. Yes our little Elizabeth is in school.  Everyday of every week she is in school.  She has a great intervention teacher and a very nice inclusion teacher.  The inclusion teacher is the one who… read more

Annabelle 17 Months: Attending a Course and Improving Her Exercises

I recently attended the “Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy” and it was great. Monica was the presenter and I really learned a lot. It helped to show me what exercises and goals we will continue to progress towards. I know that bell has a long way to go, but being in a routine… read more

Early Oral-Motor Interventions for Pediatric Feeding Problems: What, When and How

Early Oral-Motor Interventions for Pediatric Feeding Problems: What, When and How Cecilia J. Manno, Catherine Fox, Peggy S. Eicher and MaryLouise E. Kerwin Abstract Children with developmental delays often have feeding difficulties resulting from oral-motor problems. Based on both clinical experience and a review of published studies, oral-motor interventions have been shown to be effective… read more

Ask a Therapist: Jaw Stability Protocol for Severe Underbite

Hi Therapists, What do I do for a 19 year old student with a severe underbite (a gap of ½ inch between top and bottom teeth) when trying to use the jaw stability protocol? Thank you Dear Reader, I received your question regarding your client and their dental structure. My name is Monica Purdy and… read more