mom’s plea: love and acceptance for these children

Lately, everything has been a struggle.  I’m sure many feel this way, during this difficult time.  School is back in session for all three children, online.  Anna started TK and has bee...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 23 Oct 20

talktools goes global again in 2020!

TalkTools Goes Global Again in 2020! “With the unprecedented success of our first global online conference, we knew we had identified a need among speech and feeding professionals — to e...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 29 Sep 20

hope of a struggling mom

  Struggle, struggle, more struggle.  One of the things we have to remember is there’s much going on the world right now and some of us have other children to care for, not just our chil...

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TalkTools Marketing Dept. 24 Sep 20

the history and evolution of oral sensory-motor therapy for slps

By: Heather Vukelich, MS, CCC-SLP Originally posted on the Breath Institute.  It’s important for speech-language pathologists to understand the research, origins, and history behind the ...

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Talktool admin 21 Aug 20

Currently we are waiting for the next board meeting for our local schools. It is scheduled for August 6th and during the meeting, we are to be told of the final plans for re-opening our loca...

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Talktool admin 20 Aug 20

grateful for my decision

It was an emotional, yet joyful month of July as Anna celebrated her golden birthday in quarantine turning five on July 5th.  Around her birthday, I always flashback to the early part of my...

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Talktool admin 18 Aug 20

family time

I was reading a post on a social media site this week as I am part of a few special need parent groups. The post was from a mom who talked about her daughter and this daughter would do “gr...

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Talktool admin 20 Jul 20

quarantine tales continued

What have Anna and I been up to during quarantine?  Besides therapy, we actually tried to make the best of our time.  Although before, we were doing activities such as swimming, horseback ...

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Talktool admin 09 Jul 20

making the most of tactile teletherapy

By: ROBYN MERKEL-WALSH, MA, CCC-SLP/COM®   The biggest challenge for many therapists was “How in the world do I do oral motor , feeding or orofacial myofunctional therapy via telepra...

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Talktool admin 10 Jun 20

journey back to normal

Isn’t it something how we all went from our various shelter in place orders to seeing our worlds open up and now it is summer! In Ohio, we get all 4 seasons so we happily greet the changes...

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Talktool admin 09 Jun 20