Ask a Therapist: Therapy Cards and Chewy Tubes

Hi Sara, I am Jonathan’s speech therapist, his Mom and I had a few questions for you. 1. When working with your therapy cards should we provide jaw support due to his jaw sliding or just stay on lower level cards that don’t cause his jaw to slide until his jaw strengthens from the opt… read more

It’s Not a Sprint, It’s A Marathon: Elizabeth Begins Therapy

The words did start to come but they were words that required a great deal of work to understand or as in the case of many, they required me to translate. I remember how it was to automatically have the person to whom Elizabeth was speaking turn to look at me as if to say… read more

Ask a Therapist: Tongue Tip Position for /s/ and /z/

Hi Sara, My friend Diane told me that you have been exploring alternate tongue positions for sibilants and recommended that I ask you the following question: Assuming there are no airway issues, how important is it to correct the resting posture of the tongue in order to enable correct production of sibilants? I am working… read more

Ask a Therapist: Straws and Tongue Placement

Hi Sara. I have taken your Oral Placement course and you currently have devised a plan regarding this program for my son Cole. I have a question however it is regarding something I am seeing in treatment(I am an OT) when using the straw program. I have a patient who has down syndrome, 6 months… read more

Baby T and Her Ties.

When our daughter was born with a tongue and lip tie, we were presented with a problem that we didn’t know how to address. Breastfeeding is important to us and we really wanted to give it our best effort. Feeling overwhelmed after having an unsuccessful tongue tie revision, we turned to Lori and the TalkTools… read more

Annabelle 11 Months

We are so proud! Annabelle is 11 months old and is doing a wonderful job. We really have no cause for concerns because she has taken so well to her therapy. She is typically quite happy when we do the exercises with her. I am continuing to do her oral motor exercises 2-3 times a… read more

Ask a Therapist: Down Syndrome and OPT

Hello. I have a 10 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and severe speech and language delays. I am interested in your program, but don’t know if it is appropriate for my daughter. Most of the information I could find seemed to refer to infants and very young children. Last year at the NDSC conference… read more

Annabelle 10 Months Eating Food and Yogurt Melts

Belle is continuing right along beautifully with her therapy. We have introduced Level 3 baby food to Belle, and she seems to be doing fine with the little chunks of food in it. She enjoys the comradery at our house at meal time with her big brother and sister. She also enjoys making a mess,… read more

Annabelle 9 Months Eating Fruit & Puffs and Continuing Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

As Belle gets to be 9 months old, we are seeing progress in her therapy. She is getting more accustomed to her Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) and has even tried to help during the chomping exercises. She still fights me just a little, but we get right back on track and continue right along. She… read more