TalkTools News: new credentials for our very own Jennifer Jones!

Congratulations to TalkTools® Instructor Jennifer Jones, who became this weekend one of only 2 SLPs in the world with the credentials: PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, C/NDT! What does this all mean? A PhD (the abbreviation for the Latin “Philosophiæ Doctor”, literally, Doctor of Philosophy) is the holder of a doctor’s degree, which is the highest university degree. This degree rewards substantial… read more

Ask A Therapist: Introducing Therapy to a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Hi, I bought the Complete Jaw Program from you a few months ago to use with my three year old son who has Sensory Processing Disorder, and is in the Autism Spectrum. He has very low muscle tone in his mouth and does not chew at all. He eats a wide variety of foods but… read more

Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) vs. Non-Speech Oral Motor Exercises (NSOME): Understanding the Debate

By: Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP & Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP This poster was presented at the 2015 annual ASHA Convention, Session #9333, Poster Board #602.   INTRODUCTION Presentation explores 1) defining Non-Speech Oral Motor Exercises, 2) defining Oral Placement Therapy, 3) understanding the difference between NSOME and OPT, 4) clinical implications for Evidenced Based Practice. Two… read more

Ella under the Spotlight

We are proud to show you this video of Ella Kinder, daughter of our presenter Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder! Ella has Down Syndrome and this doesn’t prevent her from singing and dancing beautifully. When she was a little girl, she inspired her mom to develop products and services to help other parents with early education.… read more

Ask A Therapist: Straw Drinking

Hello TalkTools, I feel so defeated. My son is 2 years old and I can’t get him to master straw drinking. He is an otherwise high-functioning, very successful child. He is starting to walk, can build with blocks … What am I doing wrong? David has Down Syndrome. (He has repaired cardiac defect, which thankfully has… read more