Annabelle 23 Months: Assistance from SLP

Belle is doing well and consistently adds to the lively chatter in our home She has approximately 35 words that she says regularly, although someone from outside our family may only understand about half of those without an interpretation.   Belle has been working with Whitney, our Speech Language Pathologist with Talk Tools, for about 18… read more

Success Story | Maddox

By: Dr. Jamie McClintic Maddox Before & After TalkTools® Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) After our daughter Maddox was born, one of the first things her teacher said to us was, “Be sure that she can talk.”  Not just any kind of talk, but it was critical that Maddox learn to speak clearly.  As Miss Marie… read more

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Clinical Parameters of Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

By: Robyn Merkel-Walsh M.A., CCC-SLP & Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson M.S., CCC-SLP Foreword: This article, in the original form, was published in Advance Magazine for Speech Pathologists. The article has been expanded upon and revised with current Evidenced Based Practice. Abstract: Autism is a developmental disability that affects, often severely, a person’s ability to communicate and socially interact… read more

Success Story – Ozzie’s World

We recently asked our Facebook fans to share their experience using TalkTools® therapy techniques, and we received some great responses. One of our favorites was from Jason Smith who wrote about his son, Ozzie. Here is what Jason had to say about his family’s experience using the TalkTools® Honey Bear: Ozzie was born on June 1,… read more

2015 CHARGE Syndrome Conference

TalkTools Instructor Whitney Pimentel, MA, CCC-SLP is presenting at the CHARGE Syndrome Conference this week in Chicago!  Whitney will be speaking on Friday, July 31 from 2:15 – 3:15PM. Her presentation is on Addressing Feeding Issues in CHARGE Syndrome: Implications for Future Oral Motor & Speech Development. Whitney will have TalkTools products on-hand and will be available to answer questions.  … read more