2015 CHARGE Syndrome Conference

TalkTools Instructor Whitney Pimentel, MA, CCC-SLP is presenting at the CHARGE Syndrome Conference this week in Chicago!  Whitney will be speaking on Friday, July 31 from 2:15 – 3:15PM. Her presentation is on Addressing Feeding Issues in CHARGE Syndrome: Implications for Future Oral Motor & Speech Development. Whitney will have TalkTools products on-hand and will be available to answer questions.  … read more

Annabelle 22 Months: Family Time & Horn Progress

We have some fun pictures in this update including one of Belle with her extremely loving brother and sister. You can also see Belle enjoying her veggie straws at therapy (notice her food placement on her side molars) and having fun with some Play-Doh.     Our family’s schedule has been quite busy lately, so I try my best to… read more

A Case for Oral Placement Therapy

Recently, TalkTools® Presenter Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP joined Jeff Stepen, MS, CCC-SLP on his podcast, Conversations in Speech Pathology. In the podcast, Robyn discusses common misconceptions about Oral Placement Therapy (OPT). Click below to listen to the podcast. We encourage everyone to add their thoughts for discussion in the comments section on the Conversations in Speech Pathology page.  … read more

Ask A Therapist: Feeding Therapy for a Medically Fragile Client

Hello Talktools, First of all, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Lori Overland’s conference on Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor Approach in Savannah! I learned so much and have been able to apply the new (to me) strategies with many of my clients. I have a question for Lori about a challenging client.… read more

Ask A Therapist: Horn Help

Hello, I purchased the TalkTools Parent Kit back in December, and have been implementing the oral placement therapy with the support of my daughter’s speech therapist since January. We are making great progress with the straws and the bite tubes, but have hit a road block with the horns. My daughter, who will be two years old next month… read more

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in Individuals with a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

By: Robyn Merkel-Walsh MA, CCC-SLP Presentation of the Problem: Individuals with Down syndrome are at risk for what is known as Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders or OMD. OMD can impact the oral phase of feeding, oral resting postures and oral placement skills for speech clarity. OMD issues require tactile therapies which include Myofunctional and Oral Placement Therapy… read more

Ask A Therapist: Feeding Suggestions

Hi TalkTools, I was at the Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor Approach course Lori Overland taught in Manhattan this past January. I’ve been in love with using what I’ve learned and have even become a go-to feeding person at my school.   I have a low-toned girl who has tongue protrusion at resting but can keep her… read more

TalkTools at the NDSC Annual Convention

TalkTools is heading to the National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention this week in Phoenix. We hope to see many of you there! We have two tables where you can visit us to find out more information about our workshops, services, and products. We will be located at tables 410 and 412 (NDSC Floor Plan), and will have… read more