Annabelle 2 Years: Happy Birthday Belle!

Belle turned 2 years old this month! How is it possible? She is full of life and joy. I am so proud of this little gal. She celebrated her birthday with family and friends and even blew out her own birthday candles! I know this wouldn’t have been possible for her without Talk Tools. She… read more

Ask A Therapist: Jaw Grading Bite Blocks and Dissociation

Hello TalkTools, I am Speech and Language Therapist working with an 11 year old with autism. He has a TalkTools® Program Plan, but I would value the opinion/support of one of your Instructors. A significant priority at present is supporting him with dissociation of his jaw movements and then with grading. However, we have not been able… read more

Ask A Therapist: Tips for Implementing the Horn Hierarchy

Hello Talktools, I’m a pediatric SLP with a clinical question for your experts. I attended the Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) workshop last year. I have a little guy (3;4) who presents with low tone, has a breathy voice and speaks in short bursts. I recently introduced the Horn Program, hoping that we… read more

TalkTools News: October Live Workshop Schedule

We have a very busy schedule this October with speech and feeding therapy workshops across the U.S. Our 1 and 2 day hands-on courses cover a variety of diagnoses including Down syndrome, Apraxia of Speech, Dysphagia, Autism (ASD), and Dyspraxia among others. Therapy techniques that improve speech and feeding by focusing on abdominal grading, tongue mobility, lip rounding, and jaw strength, stability and grading are demonstrated. Detailed workshop information and… read more

Annabelle 23 Months: Assistance from SLP

Belle is doing well and consistently adds to the lively chatter in our home She has approximately 35 words that she says regularly, although someone from outside our family may only understand about half of those without an interpretation.   Belle has been working with Whitney, our Speech Language Pathologist with Talk Tools, for about 18… read more