Ask a Therapist: Biting and Feeding Improvement

Hi and Good Morning! I am writing from Israel, I have participated in your course that you have presented in November in Jerusalem. Thank Goodness I have been using many of your techniques to assist my clients and I have seen success. Sara, I have an important question to ask regarding an adorable child, Charlie. I will… read more

Seeing the Trees in the Forest: Elizabeth Grows Beyond Expectations

I can remember that I was living so deeply “in the forest” this year that I did not “see the trees” I was so deep in concentrating on Elizabeth’s sensory needs, her therapies and their follow-ups at home as well as our older daughter’s needs and well…LIFE that I don’t think I looked up to… read more

Ask a Therapist: Pre-feeding Suggestion

Hi, I was interested in a couple of your products and what would be suitable for both of my daughters. Anne is 5 and a half and has autism. She has been doing a son rise program for over a year. We have seen some great progress with her responsiveness and social skills, but the… read more

Ask a Therapist: OPT and Bite Block Heirarchy for Trismus

Sara, I have an adult woman who has had surgery for oral cancer and has had resection of right hard palate. I have been treating her for trismus using the TheraBite. This has work successfully as she was able to wear an obdurator. She is now at a point where she can no longer wear… read more

Annabelle 12 Months Eating Food and Straw Drinking

We have come a long way in the past several months, particularly since we teamed up with TalkTools to help provide therapy for our daughter Annabelle, who has Down syndrome. We love the progress our daughter has made in the past 12 months. She is so happy and lively, and frankly, we are too. She… read more

ESSD Study Poster

So excited that we were able to have a small part in this study. This poster was peer reviewed and accepted at the ESSD conference in Belgium. Special thanks to Karen van der Walt, who included this in her studies at Trinity College in Dublin, and the study participants for their time and effort.… read more

Ask a Therapist: Bite Tube Hierarchy

Dear Talk Tools, My son, David, is 4 years old and has Down Syndrome. He has in the last year started chewing on his tongue? I have tried giving him the P & Q to chew on and also the Gator Jigglers. The Gator works for a time and the P’s and Q’s do not… read more

Ask a Therapist: Therapy Cards and Chewy Tubes

Hi Sara, I am Jonathan’s speech therapist, his Mom and I had a few questions for you. 1. When working with your therapy cards should we provide jaw support due to his jaw sliding or just stay on lower level cards that don’t cause his jaw to slide until his jaw strengthens from the opt… read more

It’s Not a Sprint, It’s A Marathon: Elizabeth Begins Therapy

The words did start to come but they were words that required a great deal of work to understand or as in the case of many, they required me to translate. I remember how it was to automatically have the person to whom Elizabeth was speaking turn to look at me as if to say… read more

Ask a Therapist: Tongue Tip Position for /s/ and /z/

Hi Sara, My friend Diane told me that you have been exploring alternate tongue positions for sibilants and recommended that I ask you the following question: Assuming there are no airway issues, how important is it to correct the resting posture of the tongue in order to enable correct production of sibilants? I am working… read more