Elizabeth: How we made a medical team for ourselves

Somewhere in my book I know I reference “Team Elizabeth” and at the time, it consisted of her OT, her exercise trainer, her tutor and her speech and language pathologist.  Her “team” has changed as Elizabeth has grown.  And the “team” reflects her needs at the time. For example, when she was younger a vital… read more

Ask A Therapist: Straw Length

When people need help with therapy or products, we put TalkTools® Instructors to work and then publish the exchange for anyone in the same situation to get help, too. This question is from Kellie, by email. Hi Guys! I have a couple of questions. First of all, I am utilizing Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson’s Drooling Remediation Program and OPT on… read more

Success Story | Lily and Vanessa

Lily, 3 years 4 months old, Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate When I saw that my former supervisor from my job during college and graduate school was adopting another special needs child from China, I was glued to their journey (the family had adopted a boy with cleft lip/palate from China previously). I watched from my computer screen… read more

A Modern Look at Van Riper’s Phonetic Placement Approach

by Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP This poster was presented at the 2016 annual ASHA Connect Convention, Poster Session #PS02. Download the poster here   ABSTRACT Presentation explores 1) traditional versus phonological therapy, 2) the sensory-motor system as it relates to speech, 3) the importance of tactile and proprioception in articulation therapy, 4) shaping placement of… read more

The latest products in Feeding Therapy

Here are the latest news on TalkTools’ product arrivals and updates in regards to feeding therapy. 1. VIBE & TIPS KITS Our previously called “Dn-Z Vibe Travel Kits” have been upgraded. A replacement battery and a disinfectant have been added in each kit, all for the same price! The new “Vibe & Tips Kit” and “Vibe &… read more