What Evidence-Based, Oral Sensory-Motor Treatments are Effective for Speech Disorders?

NOTE:  This article has been reprinted with permission from Diane Bahr of Ages and Stage®, LLC and Robyn Merkel Walsh.   EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE (EBP) IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP & Diane Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, CIMI According to the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA, 2005) “the term evidence-based practice [EBP] refers to… read more

Annabelle 17 Months: Attending a Course and Improving Her Exercises

I recently attended the “Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy” and it was great. Monica was the presenter and I really learned a lot. It helped to show me what exercises and goals we will continue to progress towards. I know that bell has a long way to go, but being in a routine… read more

Early Oral-Motor Interventions for Pediatric Feeding Problems: What, When and How

Early Oral-Motor Interventions for Pediatric Feeding Problems: What, When and How Cecilia J. Manno, Catherine Fox, Peggy S. Eicher and MaryLouise E. Kerwin Abstract Children with developmental delays often have feeding difficulties resulting from oral-motor problems. Based on both clinical experience and a review of published studies, oral-motor interventions have been shown to be effective… read more

Ask a Therapist: Jaw Stability Protocol for Severe Underbite

Hi Therapists, What do I do for a 19 year old student with a severe underbite (a gap of ½ inch between top and bottom teeth) when trying to use the jaw stability protocol? Thank you Dear Reader, I received your question regarding your client and their dental structure. My name is Monica Purdy and… read more

Ask a Therapist: Proper Tongue Elevation & Retraction

Dear Therapists I need advice please! I am seeing a 5 year old child with severe childhood apraxia of speech together with dysarthria (specifically weakness of tongue and lips). So far his lip strength and movement has improved a lot, but i am really struggling with his tongue. He can protrude his tongue beautifully, retraction… read more

Elizabeth: Stepping Out of the Oasis and Back into Life

It is funny or maybe not funny, but ironic that with a special needs child all the things you have in place and are working one minute can become things that need changed and adjusted the very next. I know the same can be said for life with typical developing children as I have two also, but the… read more

Annabelle 16 Months: Self-Feeding and Getting Chatty

  Earlier this month Annabelle was spitting out almost all of her food. It was extremely frustrating, to say the least. We knew that she needed all the calories that she could get because she is still a pretty tiny little thing.  In addition, we knew that she had created a horrible eating pattern of pushing food… read more

Some Great Blog Posts on Pediatric Feeding

Follow the link below to read 5 of 2014’s best blog posts on feeding. Topics range from “stepping away from the Sippy Cup” to the “Medical Side of Pediatric Feeding”   Interested in learning more about Feeding Therapy? Keep an eye on our workshop schedule for one of Lori Overland’s Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor… read more

Annabelle’s Christmas Update!

Annabelle has seen incredible improvement over the past couple of months. Since her last update, Annabelle is continuing to eat table foods and drink from her Straw Cup using the #2 Straw in the Straw Hierarchy. As many of you know, her progress and work with the Straw Hierarchy is right on track. Using the hierarchy… read more

Elizabeth Finds the Right Fit for Her

Something so unique about having a special needs child is that when most typical children are headed in one direction, you find yourself wondering if you should follow their lead, if it fits your child’s needs, or if you need to forge your own path, hope it fits your child’s needs and try to stand… read more